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How to save money on your water heating bills

Posted on May 7, 2012

When it comes to replacing a water heater my customers often have many questions. “I’ve heard about these new tankless water heaters, will they really save me money and have an endless supply of hot water?” “Electric or gas?“ “What about a solar hot water heater, will they work in Seattle?” “What’s a heat pump water heater and how does it work?” “What about the tax credits, are they still available for Energy Star rated heaters?”

Choosing the right water heater can certainly save you money on your bills, but it can be a difficult decision with a lot of confusing options out there. Over the next several posts we will be covering these questions and more. We will also talk about using a tankless water heater to heat your home and how to properly maintain your water heater to extend its life.

Stay tuned!

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