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We have used Butterfield Plumbing at our current house and at our rental house. In both cases they have gone above and beyond to turn our plumbing nightmares around as quickly as possible. It is honestly not even a panic now if we have a water issue at our 100 year old house, as we know Butterfield Plumbing will be there to help us. They take calls anytime and are awesome to work with. I have referred them to others and always hear back glowing reports!

Sara Dean

My partner is a contractor and when we had a backed up kitchen sink, he and I were both certain he could fix the problem. Unfortunately, 4 days and a kitchen full of dirty dishes later, still no luck getting the sink to drain, despite every attempt made we could think of. We decided to call Butterfield on a recommendation and they showed up right at the time they said they would, and worked with my partner to resolve the issue. Turned out the pipes had years of buildup inside of them that were causing them to drain slowly, and then the small opening that WAS inside had been blocked by some item to the point that was causing us our standing water issue. The price for the 4 hours it took to figure out and resolve this issue was way less than I expected it to be, and all the communication my partner and I both had with Butterfield was professional and courteous. They answer their phones at all hours, which I also really appreciated at that moment when I was at the brink of insanity over my pile of dirty dishes. I will never call on another plumber again. Thanks Butterfield!

Jen M.
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