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Posts from: May 2012

High water bill?

Posted on May 28, 2012

Many times I get a call from a customer and they tell me that their water bill is extremely high. Most of the time it is pretty quick and painless to find the source of the leak, but if you have something going on like in the video above, it may be a bit more […]

Old Plumbing

Posted on May 7, 2012

One of the greatest parts of living in the Seattle area is the charming older homes that make up so many of our neighborhoods. If you’re one of those lucky folks that have the pleasure of owning one of these homes just remember, like all building materials, the plumbing does wear out after a while. […]

Leaking Hose Bibbs (Also known as sillcocks or frost free hose bibbs)

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Now that summer is here, you’re ready to soak up the sun. That means it’s also the time of the year to start using those garden hoses. Leaking Hose Bibbs are an issue that generally isn’t noticed until this point in the season. If your Hose Bibbs or Frost Free Hose bibs are leaking or […]

Another great review!

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Butterfield was very prompt and helpful when I had a toilet overflow in my townhome. I share a plumbing system with three neighbors and Tory efficient and was very helpful in explaining how the pipes ran between our homes and what might be the issue. When he finished working, he gave me a complimentary audit […]

How to save money on your water heating bills

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When it comes to replacing a water heater my customers often have many questions. “I’ve heard about these new tankless water heaters, will they really save me money and have an endless supply of hot water?” “Electric or gas?“ “What about a solar hot water heater, will they work in Seattle?” “What’s a heat pump […]

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